Alp Ozgun Borcek

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This article aims to describe an extraordinary complication of a ventriculoperitoneal shunt system that formed a knot spontaneously and lead to a shunt malfunction. A 3-year-old male patient was operated due to posttraumatic hydrocephalus. After an uneventful follow-up period of 34 months, he presented with shunt malfunction. During the(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the accuracy of diagnosing aqueductal patency and image quality between high spatial resolution three-dimensional (3D) high-sampling-efficiency technique (sampling perfection with application optimized contrast using different flip angle evolutions [SPACE]) and T2-weighted (T2W) two-dimensional (2D) turbo spin echo (TSE) at 3-T in(More)
AIM To demonstrate the incidence of screw misplacement and revision rates in a group of 72 patients that underwent pedicle screw fixation for spinal pathologies using the conventional, fluoroscopy-guided open technique. MATERIAL AND METHODS Data from 72 consecutive patients with spinal instability that received 472 screws between April 2011 and May 2013(More)
AIM The best method for surgical intervention in symptomatic lumbar stenosis is not clear. The present study aims to assess first year outcomes and complication rates of patients treated with single posterior decompressive laminectomy. MATERIAL AND METHODS Patients requiring surgery for severe, symptomatic, lumbar spinal stenosis were evaluated(More)
OBJECTIVE Thalamopeduncular tumors (TPTs) of childhood present a challenge for neurosurgeons due to their eloquent location. Preoperative fiber tracking provides total or near-total resection, without additional neurologic deficit. High-definition fiber tractography (HDFT) is an advanced white matter imaging technique derived from magnetic resonance imaging(More)
Non-missile intracranial injuries caused by foreign bodies are quite uncommon in civilian practice. Nails, knives, screwdrivers and sewing needles are the most commonly reported agents. The authors report a unique case of an adult male patient who suffered a penetrating craniocerebral injury caused by a falling concrete reinforcing iron(More)
Desmoplastic infantile ganglioglioma is a paediatric brain tumor that is commonly seen in the infantile age group. Literature on the non-infantile variant of this low-grade supratentorial neoplasm is very scarce, except for a few case reports. Herein, we report a case of desmoplastic non-infantile ganglioglioma occurring at the age of 6 years and describe(More)
Whiplash Associated Disorders (WAD) has been reported as an adult phenomenon. Whiplash injury has classically been described as a cervical soft tissue hyperextension- flexion injury after a trauma such as a rear end impact car crash, contact sport injuries, blows to the head from a falling object or a punch and shaken baby syndrome and is mostly seen in(More)
OBJECT The goal of this study was to determine the value of the 3D sampling perfection with application-optimized contrasts using different flip-angle evolutions (3D-SPACE) technique in the evaluation of endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) patency. METHODS Twenty-six patients with ETV were examined using 3-T MRI units. Sagittal-plane 3D-SPACE with(More)