Aloysio Wilson

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REASONS FOR PERFORMING STUDY Locomotion requires successful negotiation of different terrains, but we currently know little of how the musculoskeletal system adapts to cope with positive and negative slopes. OBJECTIVE To compare the effects of treadmill speed and gradient on equine hindlimb muscle mean electromyographic (EMG) intensity. METHODS Surface(More)
Impact is implicated in the development of several types of musculoskeletal injury in the horse. Characterisation of impact experienced during strenuous exercise is an important first step towards understanding the mechanism for injury. Measurement and analysis of large, short duration impacts is difficult. The measurement system must be able to record(More)
Facial nerve palsy, a very rare complication of Kawasaki syndrome, has been reported in only 25 patients. We treated a 12-week-old boy with bilateral coronary artery aneurysms due to Kawasaki syndrome who developed marked unilateral peripheral facial nerve palsy on day 36 of illness. None of the 25 previously reported patients with this complication were(More)
22 During low arousal states such as drowsiness and sleep, cortical neurons exhibit 23 rhythmic slow wave activity associated with periods of neuronal silence. Slow waves are locally 24 regulated, and local slow wave dynamics are important for memory, cognition, and behaviour. 25 While several brainstem structures for controlling global sleep states have(More)
We have compared intubating conditions at 60 seconds, onset times and reversal characteristics of the new steroidal nondepolarizing muscle relaxant rocuronium with atracurium and vecuronium. A dose of approximately 1.75 X ED90 of each agent was used to assess their relative suitability for brief day case dental procedures requiring intubation. The(More)
Ten patients received increasing doses of pipecuronium at induction of anaesthesia. A dose response relationship was then constructed from which ED90 and ED95 values were measured as 43.4 and 50.5 respectively. A further 30 patients received pipecuronium in a dose sufficient to produce greater than 90% neuromuscular block.(More)
Cyanobacteria, conspicuous photoprokaryotes in aquatic ecosystems, may produce secondary metabolites such as the hepatotoxins, microcystins (MC). While MC have been quantified in numerous aquatic consumers across a variety of ecosystems, there is still debate whether biomagnification or biodilution of MC generally occurs in aquatic foodwebs. Given the(More)
Forty-eight right-handed Ss were tested for simple reaction time (RT) to a monaurally presented 1000 Hz tone of 250 msec duration. Each S was tested in 3 series comprising 7, 11 and 15 stimulus presentations (trials). In each series all stimuli but one (probe) were presented to a single ear. Ss were divided equally into right or left-ear attention groups on(More)
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