Alonzo P . Walker

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PURPOSE Experience with sentinel node biopsy (SNB) after neoadjuvant chemotherapy is limited. We examined the feasibility and accuracy of this procedure within a randomized trial in patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy. PATIENTS AND METHODS During the conduct of National Surgical Adjuvant Breast and Bowel Project trial B-27, several(More)
OBJECTIVE Patients with early-stage invasive ductal breast cancer were prospectively evaluated using MammoSite RTS balloon brachytherapy (RTS Cytyc Corp, Marlborough, MA) as the sole modality for delivering accelerated partial breast irradiation to the lumpectomy bed with breast-conserving surgery. This report presents the 5-year results of the treated(More)
We studied potential risk factors for lymphedema in a contemporary population of older breast cancer patients. Telephone surveys were conducted among women (65–89 years) identified from Medicare claims as having initial breast cancer surgery in 2003. Lymphedema was classified by self-report. Surgery and pathology information was obtained from Medicare(More)
This study investigated the relationship of two overt circadian rhythms, locomotor activity and melatonin synthesis in the pineal gland, by comparing their responses to asymmetrical reductions in photoperiod. Transfer of male Syrian hamsters from long to short daylengths led to an increase in the duration of both locomotor activity and the period of(More)
The efficacy of meropenem was compared to that of the combination of tobramycin plus clindamycin (T/C) in a multiinstitutional clinical trial of treatment for patients suffering intraabdominal infection. Among the 177 patients enrolled and randomized, 127 were clinically evaluable and 86 were microbiologically evaluable. Analysis of data on an(More)
BACKGROUND Controversy exists regarding the influence of sentinel lymph node (SLN) mapping technique or patient variables on the success rate of SLN mapping. We undertook a prospective study in a single institution series to evaluate multiple variables that could adversely affect SLN identification rates. STUDY DESIGN Data were collected on 174 patients(More)
Acute alcohol (ETOH) intoxication as a risk factor for infection in trauma victims to our knowledge has not been previously reported. To determine if ETOH intoxication increases infection risk we examined data from 365 patients with penetrating abdominal trauma who were enrolled in a multi-center antibiotic study. Ninety-four patients sustained an injury to(More)
In the photoinhibited castrated male Syrian hamster, removal of the pineal gland or transfer to long photoperiods was followed by a rapid increase in the serum concentration of FSH. Levels were significantly above those of controls within 10 days. Central passive immunization of pineal-intact photoinhibited castrated animals against melatonin had a(More)
We assessed the penetration of a new carbapenem antibiotic, meropenem, into abdominal tissues. A single 1,000-mg intravenous dose was administered to 66 patients undergoing elective intraabdominal surgery. Plasma, body fluid (peritoneal fluid and bile), and tissue samples (colon, gallbladder, omentum, stomach, fascia, muscle, and skin) were taken at various(More)
Sixty breast culture specimens were obtained by needle aspiration from 54 women and 2 men. A total of 221 microbial isolates were obtained from 52 culture-positive samples. Aerobes alone were recovered from 11 patients while 5 were culture-positive for anaerobes only. Thirty-six patients harbored mixed aerobic and anaerobic microbial flora, and the(More)