Alonso González

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Peach palm (Bactris gasipaes) is a multi-purpose palm tree native to tropical Latin America, which is predominantly cultivated by smallholders in agroforestry systems. The fruits are rich in starch and contribute importantly to food security and the cash income of farmers who cultivate them. Complex value chains have emerged that link producers to(More)
The morphological, physical, and chemical characteristics of 23 unripe cultivated varieties of Colombian Musaceae were assessed. Fresh pulp dry matter helped to discriminate the following consumption subgroups: FHIA dessert hybrids (hydes: 24.6%) < dessert bananas (des: 29.4%) < nonplantain cooking bananas (cook: 32.0%) < FHIA cooking hybrids (hycook:(More)
A graphical language to represent rules is described. It has been designed for on-line applications on continuous systems. Rule conditions are represented using pipe diagrams and its edition is simple enough for a non-expert computer user. In order to use this language in dynamic systems, elements to deal with uncertainty and time has been introduced.(More)
The starch and flour thermal and functional characteristics of 23 cultivated varieties of bananas in Colombia were assessed. Onset temperature for gelatinization of starches measured by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) varied from 59.7 to 67.8 degrees C, thereby significantly differentiating dessert bananas (63.2 degrees C) from nonplantain cooking(More)
<lb>A sequence of recent works have constructed constant-size quasi-adaptive (QA) NIZK argu-<lb>ments of membership in linear subspaces of Ĝ, where Ĝ is a group equipped with a bilinear map<lb>e : Ĝ×Ȟ→ T. Although applicable to any bilinear group, these techniques are less useful in the<lb>asymmetric case. For example, Jutla and Roy (Crypto 2014) show how(More)
We evaluated the exposure to pesticides from the consumption of passion fruits and subsequent human health risks by combining several methods: (i) experimental field studies including the determination of pesticide residues in/on passion fruits, (ii) dynamic plant uptake modelling, and (iii) human health risk assessment concepts. Eight commonly used(More)
Anthracnose, caused by Colletotrichum species is a highly limiting disease for the production of the tropical fruit tree crop, soursop (Annona muricata L.). In this study, 83 single-spore isolates of Colletotrichum were obtained from diseased soursoup tissues and subjected to a species complex-specific PCR assay. The isolates were identified as C.(More)
Yao et al. (YYZ09a; YYZ07) claimed a potential limitation on the class of protocols that could be securely implemented in the Generalized Universal Composability (GUC) framework proposed by Canetti et al. (CDPW07). Specifically, Yao et al. presented a concrete attack on a GUC Zero Knowledge (GUCZK) protocol, a natural adaptation Blum’s ZK proof for Directed(More)
S OF SHORT COMMUNICATIONS AND POSTERS Alonso González, Clementa Title: Topological invariants of singularities of real vector fields in dimension three. Abstract: We give topological invariants for a wide class H(π) of absolutely isolated singularities of three-dimensional vector fields. Our invariants are complete once the desingularization morphism π is(More)
Introduction Many different DNA-based molecular techniques are being developed for fingerprinting and to estimate genetic diversity in eukaryotic organisms. Because of ¿le relative ease in its utilization, PCR is increasingly being used as a tool in marker development. Random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers are easier to analyze than RFLPs and are(More)