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We report Nitrincola sp. strain A-D6, which was characterized as an arsenic-resistant bacterium isolated from the Ascotán Salt Flat in northern Chile. The size of the genome is 3,795,776 bp, with a G+C content of 49.96%. Genes for the arsenic-resistant Ars system and arsenic oxidation have been encoded.
Microcins are low-molecular-weight proteins secreted by certain bacteria that act by limiting the growth of other bacteria that share the same ecological niche. In the present work, the previous microcin 24 system was resequenced.We detected three nucleotide differences in the microcin-coding gene that partially change the amino acid sequence. According to(More)
We describe the complete genome sequence of Leptospirillum sp. group II strain CF-1, an acidophilic bioleaching bacterium isolated from an acid mine drainage (AMD). This work provides data to gain insights about adaptive response of Leptospirillum spp. to the extreme conditions of bioleaching environments.
Members of the genus Leptospirillum are aerobic iron-oxidizing bacteria belonging to the phylum Nitrospira. They are important members of microbial communities that catalyze the biomining of sulfidic ores, thereby solubilizing metal ions. These microorganisms live under extremely acidic and metal-loaded environments and thus must tolerate high(More)
Puri¢cationand characterizationoftheantimicrobial peptide microcinN Gino Corsini, Eduardo Karahanian, Mario Tello, Katia Fernandez, Daniel Rivero, Jose Miguel Saavedra & Alonso Ferrer Laboratorio de Bacteriologia Molecular, Centro de Investigacion Biomedica (CIB), Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Diego Portales, Santiago, Chile; Laboratorio de Biologia(More)
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