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A data-integration system provides a uniform interface to a multitude of data sources. Consider a data-integration system providing information about movies from data sources on the World Wide Web. There are numerous sources on the Web concerning movies, such as the Internet Movie Database (which provides comprehensive listings of movies, their casts,(More)
Ant robots have very low computational power and limited memory. They communicate by leaving pheromones in the environment. In order to create a cooperative intelligent behavior, ants may need to get together; however, they may not know the locations of other ants. Hence, we focus on an ant variant of the rendezvous problem, in which two ants are to be(More)
We consider the problems of equivalence, satissability and query-reachability for datalog programs with negation and dense-order constraints. These problems are important for optimizing datalog programs. We show that both query-reachability and satissability are decidable for programs with stratiied negation provided that negation is applied only to EDB(More)