Alon Kramer

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OBJECTIVE To compare radioulnar incongruence (RUI) of normal canine elbows and elbows with arthroscopically confirmed medial compartment disease in vivo using systematic computed tomography (CT) measurements. STUDY DESIGN Prospective comparison of RUI measurements in normal and dysplastic canine elbows. SAMPLE POPULATION Right elbows of 25 medium-large(More)
OBJECTIVE To review and describe the surgical procedure of hemipelvectomy in dogs and cats. STUDY DESIGN Descriptive report. ANIMALS Dogs and cats. METHODS Anatomic surgical technique description and PubMed literature search. RESULTS Hemipelvectomy is an involved, aggressive surgical procedure that must be tailored to each specific clinical case.(More)
A 2-year-old, castrated male Manx cat was presented for anorexia, obstipation, and straining to defecate. Imaging tests revealed a cystic mass associated with the descending colon. Three surgical explorations over several years were performed before complete resection of the cystic mass was achieved. Histopathology of the mass revealed normal colonic(More)
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