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This paper describes the process of building the first tree-bank for Modern Hebrew texts. A major concern in this process is the need for reducing the cost of manual annotation by the use of automatic means. To this end, the joint utility of an automatic morphological analyzer, a probabilistic parser and a small manually annotated tree-bank was explored. An(More)
This paper initiates research on the foundations of ranking systems, a fundamental ingredient of basic e-commerce and Internet Technologies. In order to understand the essence and the exact rationale of page ranking algorithms we suggest the axiomatic approach taken in the formal theory of social choice. In this paper we deal with PageRank, the most famous(More)
Knockout tournaments provide a common and important framework for structuring sporting competitions, worth billions of dollars every year in the global economy. Knockout tournaments also model a specific type of election scheme: namely, sequential pairwise elimination elections. The designer of a tournament typically controls both the shape of the(More)
Reasoning about agent preferences on a set of alternatives, and the aggregation of such preferences into some social ranking is a fundamental issue in reasoning about multi-agent systems. When the set of agents and the set of alternatives coincide, we get the ranking systems setting. A famous type of ranking systems are page ranking systems in the context(More)
Ranking systems are a fundamental ingredient of multiagent environments and Internet Technologies. These settings can be viewed as social choice settings with two distinguished properties: the set of agents and the set of alternatives coincide, and the agents' preferences are dichotomous, and therefore classical impossibility results do not apply. In this(More)
Vacuum assisted closure and negative pressure (NP) dressings are innovative forms of wound management used in multiple fields of medicine, including surgery. We review here the current literature in this area relevant for the gynaecologist. Negative pressure dressings increase blood flow to the wound, decrease bacterial counts, decrease tension on wound(More)