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Present prospective study was conducted on 350 patients presenting with chief complaints of impaired hearing and delayed speech from 1996-2006. The aim of the present study was to find out the prevalence of deafmutism in our area, the aetiology of childhood deafness and to ascertain the role of acoustic reflex test (ART) for hearing screening considering(More)
CONCLUSIONS Fractional gradient equilibrated (FGE) for ears with applied positive but not negative middle ear (ME)-ambient pressure gradients is highly sensitive to a cold-like illness (CLI). OBJECTIVE The sequential development of eustachian tube (ET) dysfunction, ME under-pressure, and otitis media (OM) characterizes many children during a CLI. If(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the role played by the tensor veli palatini and levator veli palatini muscles (mTVP and mLVP, respectively) in eustachian tube (ET) opening. DESIGN Prospective study. SETTING Research laboratories at a tertiary care hospital. PATIENTS Fifteen healthy adults with normal middle ears and documented ET openings. INTERVENTIONS(More)
AIM To determine the effects of high dose irradiation on parotid salivary sodium and pH concentration at subsequent duration of 1.5, 3 and 6 months following radiotherapy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighty parotid glands of head and neck cancer patients were irradiated with mean dose of 66 Gy. The stimulated parotid flow (PF) was collected by a cannulation of(More)
OBJECTIVES To find out the geographical distribution, age, sex, mode of presentation, diagnostic modalities, surgical approaches, postoperative complications, follow-up and histopathology of parapharyngeal space tumors (PFT) through world wide web search (WWWS) and PFT of our series. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective study of all PFT seen and treated(More)
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