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Access to the right side of the heart for diagnostic and interventional procedures is usually obtained via the femoral vein and inferior vena cava. Anatomic variations or obstruction of the inferior vena cava can make this access difficult. In such cases, alternative routes to the right side of the heart such as the azygos vein and the superior vena cava(More)
The mangroves of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands (ANI) are recognized as the best in the country in terms of density and growth. However, considerable disparities still exist in the species composition and classification of mangrove species in the ANI. Further, taxonomical identity and occurrence of certain mangrove species in the ANI remain imprecise.(More)
Introduction Fibularis tertius (FT), formerly known as peroneus tertius is a unique muscle in human being, often considered as a fifth tendon of extensor digitorum longus. The muscle originates from the distal one third or medial fibular surface, anterior surface of the interosseous membrane and anterior crural intermuscular septum. Thereafter, the tendon(More)
The influence of chitosan (1% w/v) and alginate (2% w/v) coatings in combination with pomegranate peel extract (PPE; 1% w/v) on quality of guavas (cv Allahabad safeda) were studied. Restricted changes were recorded in respiration rate, ripening index, and instrumental colour values in case of the coated samples as compared to the control for 20days at 10°C.(More)
Freezing is one of the widely used preservation methods to preserve the quality of food products but it also results in deteriorative changes in textural properties of food which in turn affects its marketability. Different foodstuffs undergo different types of changes in texture, taste and overall acceptability upon freezing and subsequent frozen storage.(More)
AIM A national atrial fibrillation (AF) registry was conducted under the aegis of the Indian Heart Rhythm Society (IHRS), to capture epidemiological data-type of AF, clinical presentation and comorbidities, current treatment practices, and 1-year follow-up outcomes. METHODS A total of 1537 patients were enrolled from 24 sites in India in the IHRS-AF(More)
Forests are ecological as well as socio-economic resource. These have to be managed judiciously not only for environmental protection and other services but also for various products and industrial raw materials. Considering the crucial role forests play in the country’s ecological stability and economic development, the current National Forest Policy(More)
Coral reefs are considered one of the most diverse, productive and sensitive ecosystems among the various ecosystems existing today. They are usually found in clear waters and often amenable to optical remote sensing. But the submerged and heterogeneous coral reef habitats, the intervening atmospheric path radiance, the contribution of water surface and the(More)
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