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Worthiness of any scientific journal is measured by the quality of the articles published in it. The Impact factor (IF) is one popular tool which analyses the quality of journal in terms of citations received by its published articles. It is usually assumed that journals with high IF carry meaningful, prominent, and quality research. Since IF does not(More)
OBJECTIVE Aim of this study was to determine the distance between Henle's spine (HS) on the temporal bone to the clinically important bony landmarks on the dry skulls that will act as a guide in various surgical procedures on skull base. Distances from the head of malleus (HOM) to surgically relevant landmarks were also studied on CT images. MATERIALS AND(More)
Anatomical variations are typically more common in the extensor compartment of the forearm, but uncommon in the flexor compartment. The presence of such anatomical anomalies is not usually noticed until the normal functions of an individual become hindered, or when these anomalies become a surgical problem. During routine dissection curriculum, we(More)
Introduction Fibularis tertius (FT), formerly known as peroneus tertius is a unique muscle in human being, often considered as a fifth tendon of extensor digitorum longus. The muscle originates from the distal one third or medial fibular surface, anterior surface of the interosseous membrane and anterior crural intermuscular septum. Thereafter, the tendon(More)
The ulnar artery provides a major blood supply to the hand in the form of the superficial palmar arch, with the assistance of the radial artery. A rare pattern of the superficial palmar arch was observed in a formalin fixed, male cadaveric left hand. The ulnar artery was only involved in the formation of this arch, which provided three common palmar digital(More)
Almost all lighting systems use the DMX512 protocol to simplify the use of multiple lights, but DMX control consoles are often quite expensive. We sought to create a more inexpensive DMX control console through the use of the Arduino microcontroller and the Danger Shield, a source of inputs. Using these, we successfully created a lighting system that could(More)
The municipal solid waste (MSW), generated from different activities in the township and city areas is a subject of deep concern for its proper management. The improper management of the MSW is a major cause for water, air and soil pollution. The population explosion and sustained drive for economic progress and development have resulted in a remarkable(More)
Chorda tymapni, branch of facial nerve arising from its vertical segment is at risk throughout its course during middle ear and mastoid surgeries. We observed an unusual course of the nerve during tympanoplasty. Course of nerve was carefully observed and compared with previous studies. This is the first case to best of our knowledge describing such an(More)
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