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Increasing need for people to be " connected " ; while at the same time remain as mobile as ever poses several interesting issues in wireless networks. It is conceivable in the near-future that wireless " hotspots " experience flash crowds-like traffic arrival pattern. A common phenomena in the Internet today characterized by sudden and unpre-dicted(More)
— AdTorrent is an integrated system for search, ranking and content delivery in car networks. AdTorrent builds on the notion of Digital Billboards, a scalable " push " model architecture for ad content delivery. We present a detailed analysis of the performance impact of key design parameters such as scope of the query flooding on the query hit ratio. Our(More)
Microsoft is producing high-quality documentation for Windows client-server and server-server protocols. Our group in the Windows organization is responsible for verifying the documentation to ensure it is of the highest quality. We are applying various test-driven methods including, when appropriate, a model-based approach. This paper describes certain(More)
Future vehicular networks are expected to deploy short-range communication technology for inter-vehicle communication. In addition to vehicle-to-vehicle communication, users will be interested in accessing the multimedia-rich Internet from within the vehicular network. This motivates a compelling application of Co-operative Networking in the Vehicular(More)
The problem of estimating the capacity of an Internet path is one of fundamental importance. Due to the multitude of potential applications, a large number of solutions have been proposed and evaluated. The proposed solutions so far have been successful in partially addressing the problem, but have suffered from being slow, obtrusive or inaccurate. In this(More)
—TCP performance can be significantly affected when the buffer capacity at the routers is small. This is possible either because many flows share the network or that the bandwidth-delay product is large (e.g. satellite links). The behavior of various versions of TCP with respect to buffer capacity issues has not been studied in much detail. In this paper,(More)
— One of the most important sources of revenue for big Internet-based companies are advertisements. With vehicular networks poised to become part of the Internet, this new " edge " of the Internet represents the next frontier that advertising companies will be striving to reach. In this paper we investigate the design parameters for AdTorrent, an integrated(More)
Peer-Peer (P2P) technologies have recently been in the limelight for their disruptive power in particular they have emerged as a powerful multimedia content distribution mechanism. However, the widespread deployment of P2P networks are hindered by several issues, especially the ones that influence end-user satisfaction, including reliability. In this paper,(More)