Alok N. Choudhary

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Future many-core processors will require high-performance yet energy-efficient on-chip networks to provide a communication substrate for the increasing number of cores. Recent advances in silicon nanophotonics create new opportunities for on-chip networks. To efficiently exploit the benefits of nanophotonics, we propose Firefly - a hybrid, hierarchical(More)
Traditional association rules mining cannot meet the demands arising from some real applications. By considering the different values of individual items as utilities, utility mining focuses on identifying the itemsets with high utilities. In this paper, we present a Two-Phase algorithm to efficiently prune down the number of candidates and precisely obtain(More)
Data mining constitutes an important class of scientific and commercial applications. Recent advances in data extraction techniques have created vast data sets, which require increasingly complex data mining algorithms to sift through them to generate meaningful information. The disproportionately slower rate of growth of computer systems has led to a(More)
Clustering techniques are used in database mining for nding interesting patterns in high dimensional data. These are useful in various applications of knowledge discovery in databases. Some challenges in clustering for large data sets in terms of scalability, data distribution, understanding end-results, and sensitivity to input order, have received(More)
Jack Dongarra, Pete Beckman, Terry Moore, Patrick Aerts, Giovanni Aloisio, Jean-­‐Claude Andre, David Barkai, Jean-­‐Yves Berthou, Taisuke Boku, Bertrand Braunschweig, Franck Cappello, Barbara Chapman, Xuebin Chi, Alok Choudhary, Sudip Dosanjh, Thom Dunning, Sandro Fiore, Al Geist, Bill Gropp, Robert Harrison, Mark Hereld, Michael Heroux, Adolfy Hoisie, Koh(More)
We propose methods for reducing the energy consumed by snoop requests in snoopy bus-based symmetric multiprocessor (SMP) systems. Observing that a large fraction of snoops do not find copies in many of the other caches, we introduce JETTY, a small, cache-like structure. A JETTY is introduced in-between the bus and the L2 backside of each processor. There it(More)
Dataset storage, exchange, and access play a critical role in scientific applications. For such purposes netCDF serves as a portable, efficient file format and programming interface, which is popular in numerous scientific application domains. However, the original interface does not provide an efficient mechanism for parallel data storage and access. In(More)
Clustering is a key data mining problem. Density and grid based technique is a popular way to mine clusters in a large multi-dimensional space wherein clusters are regarded as dense regions than their surroundings. The attribute values and ranges of these attributes characterize the clusters. Fine grid sizes lead to a huge amount of computation while coarse(More)
This paper describes the design of the Fortran90D/HPF compiler, a source-to-source parallel compiler for distributed memory systems being developed at Syracuse University. Fortran 90D/HPF is a data parallel language with special directives to specify data alignment and distributions. A systematic methodology to process distribution directives of Fortran(More)