Alok Madhukar

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This paper focuses on network traffic measurement of Peer-to- Peer (P2P) applications on the Internet. P2P applications supposedly constitute a substantial proportion of today's Internet traffic. However, current P2P applications use several obfuscation techniques, including dynamic port numbers, port hopping, HTTP masquerading, chunked file transfers, and(More)
This paper presents Adaptive Energy Efficient Cache Invalidation Scheme (AEECIS) for the wireless mobile environment. The algorithm is adaptive since it changes the data dissemination strategy based on the current conditions. To reduce the bandwidth requirement, the server transmits in one of three modes: <i>slow, fast</i> or <i>super-fast</i>. The mode is(More)
Adaptive vision applications that involve rapid object identification and moving object tracking, such as in envisioned augmented reality applications, increasingly place stringent upper bounds on processing latency. In addition to the requirement for low latency, many emerging vision models and algorithms involves operations that are parallel in nature,(More)
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