Alok Kumar Singh

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Two new topologies of OTRA based sinusoidal oscillators are presented. The first topology makes use of lossless integrators. whereas the second topology is designed using a second order all pass section. The proposed topologies can be made fully integrated by implementing the resistors using matched transistors operating in linear region, which facilitates(More)
Orthogonal Variable Spreading Factor (OVSF) based networks require careful assignment of code to a new call. In this paper an assignment design is proposed which reduces number of code searches with less code blocking probability. The proposed design partitioned code tree into two parts and for a new call the algorithm needs to check one portion of the code(More)
Principle guided design of glycan processing enzyme inhibitors involves embedding aromatic groups onto charge and shape mimics. Intramolecular azide-alkyne cycloaddition was used as a simple and versatile strategy for the synthesis of novel condensed bicyclic triazoles from carbohydrate derived Perlin aldehydes. These newly synthesised molecules were(More)
— The accurate technique of face recognition effects the performance of a face detection system. An accurate eye localization system is required for better results. There are various techniques for Face and eye detection but MSNN technique is used for the experiment. This technique consist of different stages: the first stage extracts features using(More)
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