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Conditions are described for precise quantitative measurement of microgram protein samples by spectrophotometric determination of the trinitrobenzene derivatives of amino acids in hydrolysates. The mean molar absorbances of individual amino acids were measured and the effective molar absorbance for use in protein measurements of 1.9 X 10(4) A M-1 cm-1 has(More)
BACKGROUND Mangroves have the ability to grow where no other vascular plants survive. Rhizophora mucronata is a true mangrove and traditionally used to treat diabetes and its allied complications. OBJECTIVES In the present study, we standardized the 80% methanolic standardized extract of R. mucronata leaves (RH) and found out its antiradical and(More)
Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate (PLP) is an inhibitor of DNA polymerase activity of Escherichia coli DNA polymerase I large fragment. Kinetic studies indicated that overall PLP inhibition was noncompetitive with respect to dNTP, and Hill plot analysis revealed that two molecules of PLP were involved in the inhibition. Reduction of the PLP-treated enzyme with sodium(More)
OBJECTIVES Systematic oral toxicity study for black tea (Camellia sinensis), the most commonly consumed variety of tea, is lacking. The present study was undertaken to assess the iron load on black tea (Camellia sinensis) and its safety aspects in animals. MATERIALS AND METHODS The analysis of iron was done in six tea samples as per American Public Health(More)
Chewing the habit of blended pan masala containing areca nut with or without tobacco is a common practice in the Indian subcontinent. Arecoline, a pyridine alkaloid presence in areca nut alarmed for oral carcinogenesis and strictly prohibited in the western world. However, in India using blended pan masala is very popular among young and old individuals. In(More)
Ecological investigations were carried out on Indian marine puffers, Chelonodon patoca, Sphaeroides oblongus, Lagocephalus lunaris and Lagocephalus inermis, the four major species available in the coastal waters of the Bay of Bengal, India. The seasonal intraspecific and interspecific abundance and average daily landings were noted. The high hepatosomatic(More)
BACKGROUND Bruguiera gymnorrhiza L. (family Rhizophoraceae) is a true mangrove habitat in Indian Sunderban and traditionally uses for liver disorders. OBJECTIVES The aim was to evaluate antioxidant and hepatoprotective actions of leave extract of B. gymnorrhiza L. MATERIALS AND METHODS Hydro-methanolic extract of mangrove leaves (BR) was standardized(More)
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