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A cost effective approach for better communication to overcome the near-far problem in CDMA system in case of Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) multiuser system instead of single user is depicted in the paper. The need for improvement of the hearability problem in modern telecommunication system has huge applications in security section. A comparative(More)
Automatic traffic sign detection and recognition is a field of computer vision which is very important aspect for advanced driver support system. This paper proposes a framework that will detect and classify different types of traffic signs from images. The technique consists of two main modules: road sign detection, and classification and recognition. In(More)
This paper starts with a short introduction followed by the idea of mesopic photometry followed by different road lighting terminologies and concluded with the analysis of the S/P ratio and the SPD of the light sources. The light sources considered here are mainly concerned with the LEDs having variation in their CCTs. The road lighting actually consumes a(More)
Internet of things represents a groundbreaking vision of technological, economic and social significance. This paper is designed to help technology enthusiasts navigate the dialogue surrounding the same, be well versed in IoT and understand its potential to change everything we know to be true today. In this new era of technology, Internet of Things (IoT)(More)
  • Alok Kole
  • 2016 International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2016
This paper reviews the historical background, present state, future challenges and opportunities of Control, Automation and Protection systems for a modern Combined Cycle (CC)/Co-generation Power plant. As the demand for lean, efficient, agile, and environmental friendly and low cost green energy methods grow, the need to automate combined cycle power plant(More)
Magnetic Levitation is a complex nonlinear mechatronic system and consequently poses a challenging control problem. We propose real time adaptive and nonadaptive controllers based on fuzzy state feedback to stabilize the system using the Lyapunov criterion. We employ Takagi-Sugeno formulation to model our system. The proposed controller is divided into 2(More)
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