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Lal peda is a popular heat desiccated traditional dairy delicacy of eastern India specially Uttar Pradesh. It is prepared by blending of khoa and sugar followed by heat desiccation until characteristic reddish brown colour appears. It is a nutritive, palatable and a very good source of energy. In order to commercially manufacture and market lal peda,(More)
Lal peda is a traditional dairy-based sweet, popular in the Indian subcontinent, but it has a poor shelf life. The lal peda samples were packed in polyethylene bags filled with 3 different gaseous compositions (Air, 70 % N2: 30 % CO2 and 98 % N2) and stored at 10 °C. The shelf life was evaluated on the basis of changes in the microbial status of the product(More)
Kheer, a cereal based dessert containing rice, milk and sugar as major ingredients, is very popular in India and South East Asian countries. A process for manufacturing a dairy dessert based on pearl millet and milk as main ingredients was optimized. During the investigation, the effect of different levels of dairy whitener and pearl millet, and temperature(More)
The objective of this study was to optimize the process of manufacturing instant kheer mix based on pearl millet instead of rice. Dairy whitener, pearl millet and powdered sugar were the responses studied by employing the 3-factor Central Composite Rotatable Design. The formulation with 15 g sugar, 30 g dairy whitener and 20 g pearl millet was found(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) hold great potential for the treatment of many injuries, degenerative diseases and stem cell engineering. Stem cells are structurally suitable to make nanoparticles biocompatible and offer a clinically proven, versatile platform for the further enhancement of pharmacological efficacy. These include the development of advanced(More)
Oats (Avena sativa L.) have received considerable attention for their high content of dietary fibres, phytochemicals and nutritional value. It is believed that consumption of oats possesses various health benefits such as hypocholesterolaemic and anticancerous properties. Oats have also recently been considered suitable in the diet of celiac patients. Owing(More)
Pomegranate peels of Ganesh variety were subjected to extraction using different solvents viz. water, methanol and ethanol either alone or in combination with water. The extraction yield, antioxidant activity (DPPH and ABTS inhibition) and total phenolic contents were evaluated. Highest yield was obtained from 50 % ethanol: 50 % water (16.3 ± 1.99 %). The(More)
Germination can enhance the nutritional and nutraceutical value of whole grain rice. Rough long grain rice was germinated for 7 days. Samples were collected from day 1 to 7 and dried to 12% moisture content. Sample collected at 0 day was included as control (non-germinated rice). The germination process caused a decrease in lipid content from 4.4% to 3.7%.(More)
This review assesses the nutritional attributes of coarse cereals and also their utilization as food and as formulated foods. These cereals are laden with phytochemicals including phenolic acids, tannins, anthocyanins, phytosterols, avenenathramides and policosanols. They possess high antioxidant properties in vitro than staple cereals and fruits by(More)