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The Internet has brought consumers increased access to information to make purchase decisions. As markets come closer to perfect information, one of the expected outcomes is an increase in competition. One of the consequences is an increase in the price elasticity of demand, or the percent change in demand due to a percent change in price, because consumers(More)
The description of neurophysiological tools is broken down into psychophysiological tools and neurophysiological tools. For additional details, see Riedl et al. (2010). Eye Tracking Eye tracking tools measure where the eye is looking (eye position) or the eye's motion relative to the head (eye movement) (Shimojo et al. 2003). Eye tracking tools gather data(More)
We thank the senior editor Ron Weber for valuable comments and suggestions that substantially enhanced the quality of this manuscript. research interests are in the areas of Internet technologies and electronic commerce, design and evaluation of models for e-business, online auctions, database recovery and security, computer networking and technology. His(More)
Existing methods for incorporating subspace model constraints in shape tracking use only partial information from the measurements and model distribution. We propose a unified framework for robust shape tracking, optimally fusing heteroscedastic uncertainties or noise from measurement, system dynamics, and a subspace model. The resulting nonorthogonal(More)
Author Biographies Terri Albert's research and teaching focus is e-business marketing. She has multiple conference papers and publications in the application of technology in e-business. Dr. Albert has been teaching Digital Marketing for seven years and has developed and conducted several Internet conferences for the business and academic communities.(More)
The segmentation of anatomical structures has been traditionally formulated as a perceptual grouping task, and solved through clustering and variational approaches. However, such strategies require the a priori knowledge to be explicitly defined in the optimization criterion, e.g., "high-gradient border", "smoothness"', or "similar intensity or texture".(More)
With the advent of the Internet, we have seen existing markets transform and new ones emerge. In this paper, we contribute to the understanding of this phenomenon by developing a unified theory about the role that IT plays in affecting market information, transparency and market structure. In particular, we introduce a new theoretical framework which(More)