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Perspectives An estimated 6.5 to 13.2 million people with opioid dependence, representing more than half of the world's estimated number, live in Asia. 1 Although most people in Asia who are opioid dependent use heroin or opium, the use of pharmaceutical opioids, mainly through the injecting route, has raised concern in recent years. and Sri Lanka – the(More)
BACKGROUND Injecting drug use has historically been the principal driver of the HIV epidemic in the northeast states of India. However, recent data indicate growing numbers of people who inject drugs (PWIDs) in north and central Indian cities. METHODS We conducted face-to-face surveys among PWIDs in seven northeast and eight north/central Indian cities(More)
BACKGROUND The problem of changes in pathogenic microbiological flora and the emergence of bacterial resistance has created major problems in the management of orthopaedic diseases and fractures. Due to the use of implants for open reduction and internal fixation, which are foreign bodies to the body, orthopaedic trauma surgery is at grave risk of(More)
INTRODUCTION Magnetic resonance imaging is a pictorial depiction of the patho-anatomy of a bony lesion. As different parts of the tumor in Osteogenic sarcoma concurrently undergo various biological processes i.e. osteoblastic new bone formation, cell death, necrosis, bony destruction and revascularization etc., we hypothesized that the image seen in MRI(More)
BACKGROUND Studies from developed countries document the presence of injecting drug use among females and significantly higher vulnerabilities and risks as compared with male injecting drug users (IDUs). Studies comparing vulnerabilities and drug use patterns between female and male IDUs are not available for developing countries. OBJECTIVES The aim of(More)
Incidence of Fat embolism syndrome (FES) in fractures is about 16.3 but sometimes it is as high as 50% to 62%. The fat embolism is common in fatty bed ridden patients and in whom reamed interlocking is performed under tourniquet with prolonged injury-surgery interval. However in the case discussed here FES occurred under the exact opposite circumstances. In(More)