Aloisio Souza Felipe-Silva

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Regulatory T (T(reg)) cells are often found in human tumors; however, their functional characteristics have been difficult to evaluate due to low cell numbers and the inability to adequately distinguish between activated and T(reg) cell populations. Using a novel approach, we examined the intracellular cytokine production capacity of tumor-infiltrating T(More)
CD25+ CD4+ T regulatory (Treg) cells regulate peripheral self tolerance and possess the ability to suppress antitumor responses, which may in part explain the poor clinical response of cancer patients undergoing active immunization protocols. We have previously shown that in vitro incubation of human PBMC with LMB-2, a CD25-directed immunotoxin,(More)
Older asthmatic patients may develop fixed airway obstruction and clinical signs of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). We investigated the added value of pathological evaluation of bronchial biopsies to help differentiate asthma from COPD, taking into account smoking, age, and inhaled corticosteroid (ICS) use. Asthma and COPD patients (24 of each(More)
AIM To assess the immunoexpression of hypoxia-related markers in samples from cirrhosis and primary and metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). METHODS From a total of 5836 autopsies performed at the Pathology Department - University of Sao Paulo School of Medicine Hospital - from 2003 to 2009, 188 presented primary liver tumors. Immunohistochemical(More)
Lemierre's syndrome (LS), described in detail in 1936, used to be a life-threatening entity until the advent of antibiotics. Tonsillitis or pharyngitis are the main primary infections and oropharyngeal anaerobic flora is the predominant etiology. However, other primary site infections, as well as other microbiological agents have been reported since the(More)
Sickle Cell Disease encompasses a group of disorders related with the hemoglobin S and other hemoglobin genotypes. The clinical manifestation and the severity of symptoms are dependent on the specific genotype. In this setting, homozygous genotype (HbSS) presents an early onset of symptoms and a low expectancy of lifetime. However, the SC genotype (HbSC),(More)
Amyloidosis comprises a group of diseases that occurs in five to nine cases per million patients per year worldwide irrespective of its classification. Although the hepatic involvement in primary amyloidosis is frequent, the clinical manifestations of liver amyloidosis are mild or even absent. The authors report the case of an aged man who complained of(More)
The symptoms of a previously healthy 14-year-old female with an initial history of tooth pain and swelling of the left maxillary evolved to a progressive headache and altered neurological findings characterized by auditory hallucinations, sleep disturbances, and aggressiveness. She was brought to the emergency department after 21 days of the initial(More)
Infection by Strongyloides stercoralis is a highly prevalent helminthiasis, which is mostly distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Although a substantial number of cases are asymptomatic or paucisymtomatic, severe and life-threatening forms of this infection still occur and not infrequently is lately diagnosed. Gram-negative(More)