Alois Steindl

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We present a novel variation of the vehicle routing problem VRP . Single commodity cargo with pickup and delivery service is considered. Customers are labeled as either cargo sink or cargo source, depending on their pickup or delivery demand. This problem is called a single commodity vehicle routing problem with pickup and delivery service 1-VRPPD . 1-VRPPD(More)
For shielding applications that cannot sufficiently be shielded by only a passive shield, it is useful to combine a passive and an active shield. Indeed, the latter does the “finetuning” of the field reduction that is mainly caused by the passive shield. The design requires the optimization of the geometry of the passive shield, the position of all coils of(More)
Accurate solutions of the porous media equation that usually occurs in nonlinear problems of heat and mass transfer and in biological systems are obtained using a compact finite difference method in space and a low-storage total variation diminishing third-order Runge-Kutta scheme in time. In the calculation of the numerical derivatives, only a tridiagonal(More)
This paper presents a fast and accurate method to determine the available transfer capability. Ralston’smethod is used to predict the two trajectory points of voltagemagnitude, power flow, and maximum generator rotor angle difference. Then, the cubic spline interpolation technique is used to accurately trace the P-V, P-S, or P-Δδ curves between two points(More)
In experimental science and engineering, least squares are ubiquitous in analysis and digital data processing applications. Minimizing sums of squares of some quantities can be interpreted in very different ways and confusion can arise in practice, especially concerning the optimality and reliability of the results. Interpretations of least squares in terms(More)
In automotive applications large-scale nonlinear dynamical models are utilized for hardware-in-the-loop simulations and model-based controller design. A projection-based order reduction of these models, on the one hand, yields substantial advantages in computational speed and on the other hand, simplifies the controller design procedure. In this work a(More)
We propose a new idea to construct an effective algorithm to compute the minimal positive solution of the nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equations arising from transport theory. For a class of these equations, an important feature is that the minimal positive solution can be obtained by computing the minimal positive solution of a couple of fixed-point(More)
Total production costs show sometimes an S-shaped form. There are several ways in which a plant with given capacity can be adapted to a specific demand rate, one of them being adaptation of intensity per work hour. In this paper we present an application of the Hamilton-Hopf bifurcation to an inventory/production intensity splitting model with a nonconvex(More)
We use an unconditionally stable parallel difference scheme to solve telegraph equation. This method is based on domain decomposition concept and using asymmetric Saul’yev schemes for internal nodes of each sub-domain and alternating group implicit method for sub-domain’s interfacial nodes. This new method has several advantages such as: good parallelism,(More)