Alois Steindl

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—In automotive applications large-scale nonlinear dynam-ical models are utilized for hardware-in-the-loop simulations and model-based controller design. A projection-based order reduction of these models, on the one hand, yields substantial advantages in computational speed and on the other hand, simplifies the controller design procedure. In this work a(More)
Total production costs show sometimes an S-shaped form. There are several ways in which a plant with given capacity can be adapted to a specific demand rate, one of them being adaptation of intensity per work hour. In this paper we present an application of the Hamilton-Hopf bifurca-tion to an inventory/production intensity splitting model with a nonconvex(More)
We investigate the behaviour of the primary solutions at a Hopf-Hopf interaction close to a 1:3 resonance. It turns out, that the secondary bifurcations from the primary periodic solution branches are governed by Duffing and Mathieu equations. By numerical path following a homoclinic orbit at a saddle node was detected, giving rise to the Shilnikov(More)
We investigate the stabilization of the radial equilibrium of a tethered satellite by tension control, if both in-plane and out-of-plane deviations from the vertical position are taken into account. While in-plane perturbations can be eliminated in finite time, the length rate change of the tether acts as parametric control on the out-of-plane deviations.(More)
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