Alois Steindl

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This paper presents a fast and accurate method to determine the available transfer capability. Ralston’smethod is used to predict the two trajectory points of voltagemagnitude, power flow, and maximum generator rotor angle difference. Then, the cubic spline interpolation technique is used to accurately trace the P-V, P-S, or P-Δδ curves between two points(More)
Academic Editor: Alois Steindl Copyright q 2010 J. A. Rod Blais. This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. In experimental science and engineering, least squares are ubiquitous in(More)
Total production costs show sometimes an S-shaped form. There are several ways in which a plant with given capacity can be adapted to a specific demand rate, one of them being adaptation of intensity per work hour. In this paper we present an application of the Hamilton-Hopf bifurca-tion to an inventory/production intensity splitting model with a nonconvex(More)
—In automotive applications large-scale nonlinear dynam-ical models are utilized for hardware-in-the-loop simulations and model-based controller design. A projection-based order reduction of these models, on the one hand, yields substantial advantages in computational speed and on the other hand, simplifies the controller design procedure. In this work a(More)
We use an unconditionally stable parallel difference scheme to solve telegraph equation. This method is based on domain decomposition concept and using asymmetric Saul’yev schemes for internal nodes of each sub-domain and alternating group implicit method for sub-domain’s interfacial nodes. This new method has several advantages such as: good parallelism,(More)
The time optimal deployment of a satellite from a space ship is studied. In order to take the mass and lateral oscillations of the tether into account, a discretized model of the tether is build. Applying Pontryagin’s Maximum Principle a time-optimal deployment from a trivial downhanging configuration close to the space ship to another one farther away is(More)
A simulation technique based on electromagnetic topology EMT theory is proposed for analyzing electromagnetic interference EMI coupling through apertures onto the two-transmission line enclosed within metallic structures. The electromagnetic interactions between apertures and the external-internal interactions were treated through the topological(More)
A string moving with geostationary angular velocity in its radial relative equilibrium configuration around the Earth, reaching from the surface of the Earth far beyond the geostationary height, could be used as track for an Earth to space elevator. This is an old dream of mankind, originating about 100 years ago in Russia. Besides the question of(More)