Alois Reitbauer

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– This paper presents a methodology for generic role identification and role reuse together with an infrastructure enabling rapid development of role-based multi-agent system (MAS) applications. The infrastructure includes a FIPA compliant runtime environment for role execution as well as a library of generic roles and interaction protocols (IPs) capturing(More)
The research project MaBE aims at the development of multi-agent middleware supporting cooperation in open business environments, using real-world case studies of dynamic virtual enterprises. These case studies provide us with a library of scenarios of inter-and intra-organisational cooperation, which impose certain requirements to effective middleware(More)
We propose a novel approach towards a generic engineering support environment that combines Semantic Web technologies, Semantic Desktops, Group Memory Systems and Multi-Agent Systems to overcome the problems of current systems for supporting individuals in collaborative engineering processes. In particular, we aim at transferring the principles underlying(More)
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