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This paper introduces a modelling concept which aims at creating an environment which allows the application of global optimisation techniques like Genetic Algorithms in dynamic and complex environments. Such environments are often modelled using multi agent systems. The self-evident drawback of multi agent approaches is that global optimisation techniques(More)
– This paper presents a methodology for generic role identification and role reuse together with an infrastructure enabling rapid development of role-based multi-agent system (MAS) applications. The infrastructure includes a FIPA compliant runtime environment for role execution as well as a library of generic roles and interaction protocols (IPs) capturing(More)
We propose a novel approach towards a generic engineering support environment that combines Semantic Web technologies, Semantic Desktops, Group Memory Systems and Multi-Agent Systems to overcome the problems of current systems for supporting individuals in collaborative engineering processes. In particular, we aim at transferring the principles underlying(More)
The research project MaBE aims at the development of multi-agent middleware supporting cooperation in open business environments, using real-world case studies of dynamic virtual enterprises. These case studies provide us with a library of scenarios of inter-and intra-organisational cooperation, which impose certain requirements to effective middleware(More)
A metadata model is proposed to represent security configuration and management information. This model can be used to aid dynamic security management and configuration. The exchange of security information within the context of a social interaction and policing model can promote improved safety and security. An application of the model to manage message(More)
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