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Context: Software quality models provide either abstract quality characteristics or concrete quality measurements; there is no seamless integration of these two aspects. Quality assessment approaches are, hence, also very specific or remain abstract. Reasons for this include the complexity of quality and the various quality profiles in different domains(More)
Safety standards such as IEC 61508 are an important instrument for developing safety-critical systems. They provide requirements and recommendations to assist engineers in system and software development. Nevertheless, applying this standard in practice is difficult due to unclear requirements and unclear or missing acceptance criteria. We systematically(More)
Treadmills are widely used in equine motion analysis. For the evaluation of the trot of a horse, a trotting speed with low variation between motion cycles is necessary to make the measurements reproducible. The aim of this study is to show how an individual 'optimum' trotting speed for lameness quantification can be determined. In this study, the stability(More)
Using a system for motion analysis, linear correlation of speed and forelimb lameness was measured in 16 horses trotting on a treadmill at a minimum of three different trotting speeds. Forelimb lameness was determined as asymmetry of vertical head motion during left and right forelimb stance. In seven horses with a moderate forelimb lameness (head motion(More)
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