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Existing software quality models typically focus on common quality characteristics such as the ISO 25010 software quality characteristics. However, most of them provide insufficient operationalization for quality assessments of source code. Moreover, they usually focus on software in general or on information systems and do not sufficiently cover the(More)
Context: Software quality models provide either abstract quality characteristics or concrete quality measurements; there is no seamless integration of these two aspects. Quality assessment approaches are, hence, also very specific or remain abstract. Reasons for this include the complexity of quality and the various quality profiles in different domains(More)
Determining the quality of a software product basically deals with checking the fulfillment of functional and quality requirements. Therefore, specifying useful and testable quality requirements is a central challenge. Many existing approaches focus on eliciting quality requirements, but often neglect the specification of respective test criteria. We(More)
Safety standards such as IEC 61508 are an important instrument for developing safety-critical systems. They provide requirements and recommendations to assist engineers in system and software development. Nevertheless, applying this standard in practice is difficult due to unclear requirements and unclear or missing acceptance criteria. We systematically(More)
Safety standards like the IEC 61508 are an important source for developing safety-critical (software) systems as they provide a set of requirements and recommendations to assist engineers in system and software development. Applying this standard in practice leads to interpretation problems due to insufficient operationalization, i.e. unclear requirements(More)
Technical debt has become a popular term in the software engineering community in recent years for labelling issues and development risks incurred either intentionally or unintentionally throughout the entire software development process. There are some approaches for calculating and/or managing the costs related with different kinds of technical debt.(More)
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