Alois Lugstein

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In this Letter we present the electrical and electro-optical characterization of single crystalline germanium nanowires (NWs) under tensile strain conditions. The measurements were performed on vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) grown germanium (Ge) NWs, monolithically integrated into a micromechanical 3-point strain module. Uniaxial stress is applied along the ⟨111⟩(More)
Although the various effects of strain on silicon are subject of intensive research since the 1950s the physical background of anomalous piezoresistive effects in Si nanowires (NWs) is still under debate. Recent investigations concur in that due to the high surface-to-volume ratio extrinsic surface related effects superimpose the intrinsic piezoresistive(More)
The combined capabilities of both a nonplanar design and nonconventional carrier injection mechanisms are subject to recent scientific investigations to overcome the limitations of silicon metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistors. In this Letter, we present a multimode field effect transistors device using silicon nanowires that feature an axial(More)
Insulated atomic force microscopy probes carrying gold conductive tips were fabricated and employed as bifunctional force and current sensors in electrolyte solutions under electrochemical potential control. The application of the probes for current-sensing imaging, force and current-distance spectroscopy as well as scanning electrochemical microscopy(More)
Electrostatically tunable negative differential resistance (NDR) is demonstrated in monolithic metal-semiconductor-metal (Al-Ge-Al) nanowire (NW) heterostructures integrated in back-gated field-effect transistors (FETs). Unambiguous signatures of NDR even at room temperature are attributed to intervalley electron transfer. At yet higher electric fields,(More)
In this Letter we report on the exploration of axial metal/semiconductor (Al/Ge) nanowire heterostructures with abrupt interfaces. The formation process is enabled by a thermal induced exchange reaction between the vapor-liquid-solid grown Ge nanowire and Al contact pads due to the substantially different diffusion behavior of Ge in Al and vice versa.(More)
which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited. Abstract Miniaturized vacuum gauges (MVGs) for the measurement range 5.7x10-7 to 1.1x10-2 mbar were fabricated in a self-aligned approach using focused ion beam (FIB) nanoma‐ chining and reactive ion etching (RIE). The MVG consists of(More)