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In this paper, we present an implemented system for supporting group interaction in mobile distributed computing environments. First, an introduction to context computing and a motivation for using contextual information to facilitate group interaction is given. We then present the architecture of our system, which consists of two parts: a subsystem for(More)
The CAPSE (Computer Aided Parallel Software Engineering) environment aims to assist a performance oriented parallel program development approach by integrating tools for performance prediction in the design phase, analytical or simulation based performance analysis in the detailed speciication and coding phase, and nally monitoring in the testing and(More)
The emerging availability of already deployed sensors that can be utilized for activity and context recognition raised a new paradigm. This paradigm called opportunistic sensing utilizes the available sensing infrastructure for activity and context recognition. This work focuses on utilizing this dynamically varying infrastructure to recognize high-level(More)
In an attempt to cope with time-varying workload, traditional adaptive Time Warp protocols are designed to react in response to performance changes by altering control parameter configurations, like the amount of available memory, the size of the checkpointing interval, the frequency of GVT computation, fossil collection invocations, etc.\ We call those(More)
The main performance pitfall of the Time Warp distributed discrete event simulation (DDES) protocol has been widely recognized to be the overoptimistic progression of event execution into the simulated future. The premature execution of events that eventually have to be \rolled back" due to causality violations induces memory and communication overheads as(More)
Today car-navigation systems are increasingly penetrating the automotive market. However, the need for location-based information systems is no longer limited to cars. Mobile outdoor navigation systems for pedestrians and electronic tourist guides are already available on PDAs. In addition, new indoor positioning technologies extend the area of application(More)