Alois Deller

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To study the source and role of circulating phospholipase A2 (PLA2) catalytic activity we monitored the serum from patients with necrotizing pancreatitis (n=8), diffuse peritonitis (n=6), and multiple injuries (n=11). Immunoreactive PLA2 serum protein concentration was analysed using a fluoroimmunoassay based on an antibody against human pancreatic PLA2.(More)
We investigated sex-specific and circadian variations of carboxyhemoglobin (COHb) elimination in healthy volunteers. COHb elimination follows an exponential function with a baseline found in nonsmoking women at 1.72% and in nonsmoking men at 1.79% COHb saturation. During the day, the elimination half-life time (t1/2), determined by eleven hourly samples(More)
Der Fund einer Fliegerbombe aus dem Zweiten Weltkrieg erforderte die komplette Evakuierung eines Krankenhauses der Schwerpunktversorgung mit 629 Betten und 17 Fachabteilungen, u. a. einer neonatologischen Intensivstation. Die bereits im Vorfeld erfolgte Erstellung eines Alarm- und Einsatzplans sowie die einige Monate zuvor durchgeführte Alarmübung haben(More)
Catalytic phospholipase A2 activity (CA-PLA2) and the concentration of immunoreactive pancreatic PLA2 (IR-PLA2) were measured in serum samples from 12 patients with multiple injuries (median Injury Severity Score: 41). CA-PLA2 was increased in all patients and positive correlations were found between the extent of the increase of CA-PLA2, mortality, and(More)
Using the release of [51Cr] from measles virus carrier cells, cytotoxic antibodies were titrated in the sera and cerebrospinal fluid of subacute sclerosing panencephalitis (SSPE) patients and in the sera of individuals having recovered from natural measles virus infection. A similar range of titers was present in SSPE sera and in sera from individuals(More)
Endotoxinaemia (E. coli endotoxin, 0.111.B4) and pulmonary hypertension were evoked in 20 swine, randomly assigned to receive either zero-balanced venovenous haemofiltration (HF) with an ultrafiltration and replacement rate of 600 ml/h (HF group,n=10) or to undergo an uninfluenced spontaneous course (E group,n=10) during a constant infusion of endotoxin(More)
PURPOSE Tracheostomy is frequently required in the treatment of critically ill patients to prevent the complications associated with prolonged translaryngeal intubation. Tracheostomy may facilitate airway suctioning and improve patient comfort in the process of weaning. The purpose of the study was to assess our experience with PDT and to evaluate the(More)
A 60-year-old man was admitted to the hospital with aortic dissection. An operative excision and replacement with a Y-graft was performed. Postoperatively he developed multiple organ dysfunction and required intermittent haemofiltration (anticoagulation with heparin). An ischemia of the left leg occurred at the third postoperative day. The initial platelet(More)
The proportion of carbon monoxide-haemoglobin (COHb) in blood was determined before elective surgery on 50 patients (12 women and 38 men; mean age 39.5 [21-68] years) who were smoking at least 20 cigarettes a day, at two moments: during ad lib smoking and after a smoking halt of more than nine hours. 50 nonsmokers (25 women and 25 men; mean age 29.5 [20-48](More)
Sixteen risk factors for nosocomial pneumonia were prospectively studied in 582 intubated patients in a surgical intensive care unit (ICU) to identify patients at particularly high risk. Overall, pneumonias developed in 94 of the patients (16%). Significant risk factors for pneumonia were mechanical ventilation for more than 72 h, impaired consciousness or(More)