Aloÿs Augustin

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We have generated transgenic mice using a rearranged, functional TCR-gamma gene that lacks the C gamma 1 3' silencer element, together with a TCR-delta cDNA construct designed for expression in lymphoid cells. All transgenic mice that descended from nine founders expressed alpha beta T cells and elevated levels of gamma delta T cells at various ratios. This(More)
The biological role of cells bearing the gamma delta T-cell antigen receptor (TCR) is as yet unclear. Although there are indications that some gamma delta+ cells can mediate cytotoxicity, their antigen-related functions have not yet been defined. In the mouse, gamma delta+ cells constitute 1-3% of T cells in lymphoid organs. Intestinal intraepithelial(More)
During ontogeny, the T cell receptor BALB invariant delta (BID) chain (Sim, G. -K. and Augustin, A., Cell 1990. 61:397) is generated in C57BL/6 fetal thymocytes at levels similar to those detected in BALB/c mice. Hence, the dominance of BID observed among resident pulmonary lymphocytes of BALB/c and of (BALB/c x C57BL/6) F1 and its absence in C57BL/6 mice(More)
The T-cell receptor has been studied intensely over the past 10 years in an effort to understand the molecular basis for major histocompatibility complex (MHC) restricted antigen recognition. The use of anti-receptor monoclonal antibodies to isolate and characterize the receptor from human and murine T-cell clones has shown that the protein consists of two(More)
Genetic polymorphism in the beta variable gene pool (V beta) is responsible for the strain-specific distribution of the KJ16 T cell receptor (TcR) marker on 20% of peripheral T cells. KJ16+ strains carry two homologous V beta genes that are absent in KJ16- strains. All functional KJ16+ T cell hybrids tested express a member of this V beta subset. mRNA(More)
We have investigated the effects of heat shock on T-cell induction and selection in vitro. We find that when cell preparations containing T lymphocytes are incubated for 30 min at 42 degrees C, a selective proliferation of gamma delta + T cells bearing the gamma delta T-cell antigen receptor follows. A greater enrichment of gamma delta + T cells is(More)
T cells that are positively selected in ontogeny could give rise to somatic mutants with new reactivities. Hence, somatic generation of diversity via mutations could be a source of expansion for the T-cell repertoire. To test this idea we searched among the progenies of an Ed alpha Ed beta-specific T-cell hybridoma for mutant clones capable of recognizing(More)
gamma delta T cells participate in immune responses during viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. However, it is not clear whether they recognize antigens produced by pathogens, or are actually reactive to self-ligands generated during the course of infection. In this paper, we report that the presence of the self-ligand that selectively expands a(More)
Gamma delta T cells bearing the canonical fetal-type V gamma 6/V delta 1 rearrangements are the predominant gamma delta T cells in the lungs of adult mice. In contrast, these V gamma 6/V delta 1 T cells are virtually absent in the pulmonary epithelia of nude mice. The intraepithelial dominance of gamma delta T cells that express this particular TCR is(More)