Almuth C Hauer

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Enzyme-linked immunoabsorbant spots (ELISPOTs) have been used to analyze the frequency of cells spontaneously secreting interferon-gamma (INF-gamma), IL-4, IL-5, or IL-10 in mononuclear cells isolated from the blood of children with cow's milk-sensitive enteropathy (CMSE), cow's milk allergy (CMA), and age-matched controls. In addition, cytokine profiles of(More)
ACTH secretion was studied in response to repetitive and continuous administration of human corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) in 14 healthy volunteers and 2 patients with secondary adrenal insufficiency. ACTH increases during repetitive CRF administration were within the same range in normal subjects independent of the intervals (60-180 min) between the(More)
Coeliac disease (CD) is caused by a CD4 T helper cell type 1 (Th1) response in the small intestinal mucosa to dietary gluten. As the major Th1 inducing cytokine, interleukin 12, is undetectable in CD gut mucosa, the mechanism by which Th1 effector cells are generated remains unknown. Interferon (IFN) alpha, a cytokine capable of promoting IFN-gamma(More)
BACKGROUND Food antigens from the maternal circulation may sensitize fetal T cells in utero and be an important determinant in the development of food allergy. METHODS Here we have examined the spontaneous and recall response to cow's milk proteins of cord blood mononuclear cells (CBMC) of newborn children, using single cell ELISPOT assays. RESULTS In(More)
Previous studies have suggested that the dependence of low grade B cell gastric lymphoma on infection of the gastric mucosa with Helicobacter pylori results from help provided by H pylori specific tumour infiltrating T cells. ELISPOT analysis was used to characterise functional subpopulations of tumour infiltrating T cells. The production of the TH1(More)
UNLABELLED In adults, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) is associated with an increased risk of thromboembolic complications. The pathogenesis of IBD is not really clear and a high thrombin activity might contribute to disease progression. We wanted to see whether children with IBD have a higher thrombin generation (TG). PATIENTS, MATERIAL, METHODS Plasma(More)
Synthetic ovine and human CRF were given as an i.v. bolus to six healthy volunteers in four and two different dosages, respectively (oCRF: 25, 50, 100 and 200 micrograms; hCRF: 50 and 100 micrograms). There was a significant increase of ACTH and cortisol after the injection of all dosages though the dose-response relationship was only significant between(More)
Symmetric hypoplasia of the temporal cerebral lobes was demonstrated by magnetic resonance imaging of the brain in a macrocephalic male patient with glutaric aciduria type II within the first week of life. Psychomotor development was normal until the age of 11 months, when the patient died of sudden cardiac arrest. Autopsy revealed symmetric hypoplasia of(More)
The cytokine profiles of mononuclear cells freshly isolated from Peyer's patch (PPMC), adjacent ileal lamina propria lymphocytes (LPMC) and peripheral blood (PBMC) in children without histological evidence of gastrointestinal disease has been investigated by single-cell enzyme-linked immunoabsorbent spot forming assay (ELISPOT) and reverse transcriptase(More)
OBJECTIVES Parietal cell antibodies (PCA) are markers of autoimmune gastritis (AG). AG can lead to hypergastrinemia and iron-deficiency anaemia (IDA). Compared to healthy controls, adults with type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) show a higher prevalence of PCA (1% vs 20%). The aim of the present study was to evaluate the frequency of PCA in children and(More)