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Prior Consultations in Plurinational Bolivia: Democracy, Rights and Real Life Experiences
While the Bolivian ‘post’ consultation about the contested construction of a highway through the TIPNIS has received a lot of attention, very little is known about the 27 prior consultations thatExpand
Who controls the territory and the resources? Free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) as a contested human rights practice in Bolivia
Abstract The article scrutinises the struggles over prior consultation and free, prior and informed consent (FPIC) and analyses the divergent interpretations of what this right would entail inExpand
Bolivia’s New Constitution: Towards Participatory Democracy and Political Pluralism?
In Bolivia, rights to increased political participation and the recognition of indigenous political systems are interrelated. The new constitution of 2009, a prime example of the “new AndeanExpand
Unfulfilled promises of the consultation approach: the limits to effective indigenous participation in Bolivia’s and Peru’s extractive industries
Abstract Indigenous peoples’ right to prior consultation and to informed consent represents the basis of the new global model shaping state–indigenous relations. Consultation processes promise toExpand
Contestations over Indigenous Participation in Bolivia’s Extractive Industry: Ideology, Practices, and Legal Norms
The participatory rights of indigenous peoples have been at the center of conflicts over resource extraction, which have recently increased in number and intensity across Latin America. UsingExpand
Democratizing Resource Governance Through Prior Consultations? Lessons from Bolivia’s Hydrocarbon Sector
With the recent expansion of extractive industries in Latin America, contestations with the affected communities have increased in number and intensity. Therein, the indigenous right to priorExpand
Indigenous identities and politico-juridical demands of CSUTCB and CONAMAQ in the constitutional change process of Bolivia
This article has the aim of improving the understanding about indigenous identities and their interrelations with current politico-juridical demands of indigenous organizations. Proposals ofExpand
Rethinking the link between consultation and conflict: lessons from Bolivia's gas sector
Abstract This article sheds light on 26 consultations in Bolivia's gas sector (2007–2012) and challenges simplified conceptions of prior consultation as a tool for conflict prevention and resolution.Expand