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Sounds with slow (less than 20 Hz) fluctuations may elicit the hearing sensation fluctuation strength. For AM tones, neural correlates of fluctuation strength were searched in the auditory cortex of unanesthetized squirrel monkeys. To enable a comparison of psychophysical and physiological data, the 'modulation' of the peristimulus time histogram was fitted(More)
Moderately loud low-frequency maskers produce temporary threshold shifts which oscillate for a few minutes in reproducible patterns not only after their offset, but also after their onset. The temporal variations of threshold show "bounces" similar to those found by Hirsh and Ward [J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 24, 131-141 (1952)] after the offset of very loud(More)
Amino acid analysis is considered to be the gold standard for quantitative peptide and protein analysis. Here, we would like to propose a simple HPLC/UV method based on a reversed-phase separation of the aromatic amino acids tyrosine (Tyr), phenylalanine (Phe), and optionally tryptophan (Trp) without any derivatization. The hydrolysis of the proteins and(More)
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