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BACKGROUND Circumscribed acral hypokeratosis (CAH) is an idiopathic condition that typically presents as an acquired, solitary, asymptomatic, well-defined, depressed, flat-based deformity, with a slightly raised border on the palm or, rarely, the sole. Histologically, the lesional epidermis is depressed with a characteristic, abrupt, hyperkeratotic,(More)
  • Almut Böer
  • 2009
Visual perception has been the object of research in psychology for almost a century. Little has been written, however, about the effects of perceptive phenomena on methods in medicine that utilize interpretation of two-dimensional images for diagnosis. Starting from the work by Edgar Rubin in the beginning of the last century, this article gives a summary(More)
It is long discussed that quantitative magnetic resonance imaging might provide a more specific insight into disease process, progression and therapeutic response of multiple sclerosis. We present an extension of a previously published approach for the simultaneous mapping of brain , and total water content. In addition to those three parameters, the method(More)
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