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The effects of Cd, Cr, Pb and their mixtures on the growth and sensitivity of the scallop Argopecten ventricosus were analyzed in this study. Cadmium showed to be more toxic metal to juveniles (96(More)
α-Cypermethrin (Cyp) is a synthetic insecticide used to control pests in agricultural crops and to protect human health against noxious insects; this toxic can reach aquatic systems through ground(More)
Many reports describe the decolourization of dyes by fungal enzymes. However, these enzymes do not contribute to dye mineralization but only to its biotransformation into less coloured or colourless(More)
Fish are particularly sensitive to metabolites produced by Raphidophyte species and these have caused intensive fish kills in several countries. However, the effects on embryos of marine fish are(More)
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