Alma Nunzia Olivieri

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Skin ulcers are a dangerous and uncommon complication of vasculitis. We describe the case of a teenager suffering from Systemic Lupus Erythematosus with digital ulcer resistant to conventional therapy, treated successfully with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. The application of hyperbaric oxygen, which is used for the treatment of ischemic ulcers, is an(More)
Type 1 diabetes mellitus may be associated with many autoimmune diseases with the common autoimmune pathogenesis. We describe the case of a girl suffering from Type 1 diabetes mellitus and autoimmune Hashimoto's thyroiditis since the childhood and, due to the onset of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis during adolescence, for three years practiced therapy with(More)
Autoimmune diseases are initiated by interaction between genetic and environmental factors and caused by the loss of immunologic tolerance to self-antigens. They cluster within families and individuals, but the aggregation in a triad is quite rare. We report a case of a young girl affected by three organ-specific autoimmune disorders, from which type 1(More)
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