Alma María Gómez-Rodríguez

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The amount of research papers published nowadays related to ontology matching is remarkable and we believe that reflects the growing interest of the research community. However, for new practitioners that approach the field, this amount of information might seem overwhelming. Therefore, the purpose of this work is to help in guiding new practitioners get a(More)
One of the key issues in development of Multi-agent System(MAS) is to follow the more suitable development process for a particular problem. This means that development process models must be defined. Definition leads to better process understanding, facilitates process measurement and improvement, and constitutes the basis for automating the process(More)
Lately, serious games are a useful tool to learn how humans interact with each other and their environment. The best serious games are simulations that have the appearance of a game, but whose events and / or processes are non-game. Usually they include business domains and military operations (many games are popular entertainment on the basis of business(More)
In this paper we describe a novel proposal in the field of smart cities: using an ontology matching algorithm to guarantee the automatic information exchange between the agents and the smart city. A smart city is composed by different types of agents that behave as producers and/or consumers of the information in the smart city. In our proposal, the data(More)
Multi-agent systems have been commonly used for implementing simulators in which several individuals or components perform actions. Although these systems usually manage large amounts of data, the process for constructing efficient multi-agent simulators is still an open issue. This paper presents a Process for developing Efficient Agent-Based Simulators,(More)
In this paper we propose the use of an ontology matching algorithm to guarantee the interoperability of the different agents that integrate an smart city. In this sort of environment the different parties need to cooperate and to integrate their information in order to provide enhanced services to the users of the smart city. As the information of these(More)
In recent years, a major boom in the initial stages of Software Engineering has been experienced, mainly in the achievement of the definition of the Requirements and Objectives Models of the problem to solve. This paper focuses on the field, making a proposal that actively involves the client in the development process and partially automates the way how(More)