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Increasing evidence has suggested that oxidative stress may be involved in the pathogenesis of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). The antioxidant vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) has been shown to slow down the onset and progression of the paralysis in transgenic mice expressing a mutation in the superoxide dismutase gene found in certain forms of familial(More)
A continuous human breast tumor cell line (BOT-2) was derived from an infiltrating duct carcinoma. The tumor cell line was grown as a monolayer in flasks, but the cells could be readily adapted to growth in roller cultures. These studies indicate that BOT-2 cells have a 16- to 18-hr doubling time and a modal chromosomal number of 63. The original BOT-2 cell(More)
We have described a 77-year-old woman with a 14 x 15 cm cystic mass arising from the head of pancreas. The serum glucagon level was elevated, and electron microscopy revealed large numbers of alpha granules within the tumor cells. Glucagonoma syndrome should be considered in the differential diagnosis of a large abdominal mass even if skin rash is minimal.
Morphologic type is not generally included in the study of cancer risk factors. In breast cancer, attention is being given to age at diagnosis. In this study cases were analyzed by morphologic type as well as age at diagnosis for occurrence of bilateral disease and for family history of breast cancer. Of the morphologic types which were more frequent in(More)
The reactions of patients' sera with cultured human breast cancer cells were studied by fixed cell immunofluorescence (FCF) and living cell membrane immunofluorescence (MF) tests. The results suggested that the FCF reaction detected antibodies that were cell or organ specific, whereas the MF test was more indicative of an antineoplastic immune response.
Studies focusing on the equine humoral response are scarce, with a bias towards the pre- and post-parturition mare and its foal. The present study attempted to expand current knowledge by establishing normal ranges for adult horse serum isotypes. Immunoglobulin (Ig) concentrations were obtained by screening 47 horses of various breeds and in different(More)
A retrospective study of the methods of treatment in 98 patients with advanced breast cancer over the past five years showed striking differences in remission rates, duration of remissions, and overall survival according to the method of treatment. Adrenalectomy and oophorectomy produced remissions in 58% of patients, with a median duration of 22 months.(More)