Alma Flack

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A prospective longitudinal study of 182 children and adolescents with diabetes revealed that during a follow-up of 2.5 +/- 0.5 years the prevalence of retinopathy increased from 10.8% to 28.0%, corresponding to an annual increase of 7%. Retinopathy was diagnosed at a mean age of 15.3 years (95% CI, 14.8-15.8 years) after a mean duration of diabetes of 8.9(More)
The maximum proportion of skeletal and/or skin defects induced by the Semliki Forest virus (SFV) mutant ts22 in the 17-day-old foetal mouse occurred following infection of the mother at day 10 of pregnancy. The skeletal defects were detected using a combination of Alcian blue staining for cartilage and Alizarin red staining for bone. Using immunogold-silver(More)
In order to obtain an estimation of the prevalence of Salmonella spp. in flocks of broilers in the Republic of Ireland, a study was conducted in 2006 in a total of 362 broiler flocks associated with four integrated companies. Salmonella spp. was isolated from 27.3% of flocks, and eight Salmonella serovars were identified, none of which were Salmonella(More)
The A7 strain of Semliki Forest virus induces rapid fetal death in pregnant mice, whereas the ts22 mutant derived from it is teratogenic for a proportion of fetuses. Both A7 and ts22 induce viremia and infect the central nervous systems and fetuses of pregnant mice. Using immunogold-silver staining, a cDNA probe for a Semliki Forest virus nonstructural(More)
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