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BACKGROUND Human Adenoviruses are recognized pathogens, causing a broad spectrum of diseases. Serotype identification is critical for epidemiological surveillance, detection of new strains and understanding of HAdvs pathogenesis. Little data is available about HAdvs subtypes in Latin America. METHODS In this study, we have molecularly characterized 213(More)
Two distinct human immunodeficiency viruses, HIV-1SF480 and HIV-2UC2 were isolated simultaneously from the blood of an Ivory Coast patient with AIDS. The HIV subtypes were segregated by their differential ability to infect established human cell lines and by the cell surface expression of type-specific viral antigens. The viruses could be distinguished by(More)
A new isolate of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2, designated HIV-2UC1, was recovered from an Ivory Coast patient with normal lymphocyte numbers who died with neurologic symptoms. Like some HIV-1 isolates, HIV-2UC1 grows rapidly to high titers in human peripheral blood lymphocytes and macrophages and has a differential ability to productively infect(More)
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