Alma Šeho Alić

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INTRODUCTION Reforming the health care system in Bosnia and Herzegovina began in 1998 through various forms of amendments to existing health plans and programs. There has been the introduction of new technologies, flow of new information from the profession, excessive demands on employers, financial constraints, etc. The hospital doctors in the workplace(More)
INTRODUCTION The clinical and epidemiological data show that proper nutrition plays an important role in maintaining health and combating the danger of developing some chronic diseases in the elderly population. Nutrition is an important factor in many physiological and pathological changes that accompany the aging process. More than 50% of elderly patients(More)
CONFLICT OF INTEREST none declared. INTRODUCTION The incidence of diabetes type 2 (diabetes mellitus type 2 - DM 2) is rapidly increasing worldwide. Physical inactivity and obesity are the major determinants of the disease. Primary prevention of DM 2 entails health monitoring of people at risk category. People with impaired glycemic control are at high(More)
INTRODUCTION Osteoporosis is a disease characterized by a decrease in bone mineral density, making bones become less rigid, and therefore susceptible to fractures, either spontaneously or with force, which is lower than otherwise needed for healthy bones fractured. Nearly 10% of the world population and 30% of women after menopause, suffer from(More)
AIM To analyse the difference in documentation of standard parameters for monitoring DM type 2 between Family Medicine Teams (FMT) and Teams on Program Additional Training (PAT). METHODS Study was conducted as 20 medical chart audits of diabetic type 2 patients randomly selected per 3 FMT from Zenica and 3 PAT from Kakanj. According to the chart, we(More)
Here we describe fatal pulmonary cysticercosis caused by Cysticercus longicollis, the larval stage of Taenia crassiceps in a 15-year-old female ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) from Sarajevo Zoo. After sudden death, the lemur was subjected to necropsy and large multicystic structure, subdivided with fibrous septa and filled with numerous translucent, oval to(More)
GOAL To estimate the prevalence of poly pharmacy and poly pharmacy effect on decline in cognitive abilities of randomly selected group of people over 65. METHODOLOGY A preliminary pilot study was based on the results of other researchers. 54 patients over 65 were randomly interviewed. Poly pharmacy was defined as using 23 drugs. "A short portable mental(More)
GOAL The aims are to establish the prevalence of newfound, unidentified cases of depressive disorder by screening with the Becks Depression scale; To establish a comparative relationship with self-identified cases of depression in the patients in the family medicine; To assess the significance of the BDI in screening practice of family medicine. PATIENTS(More)
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