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Functional Decentralization Construct in Decentralization Policy in Indonesia ( A Study of Irrigation , Education , and Free Trade Sectors )
This research analyze the practice of irrigation, education, and free trade governance linked with functional decentralization concept in Indonesia’s decentralization policy frame. This research useExpand
This research generally using qualitative descriptive method with inductive approach. This research aims to help the government of Parepare city in order to improve the welfare society of coastalExpand
Is Government Internal Control System Effective to Prevent Corruption Today
Based on the corruption perception index data reported by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), the level of corruption in Indonesia is still quite high, even experiencing an increase fromExpand
The Influence of Personal Religiosity Level against Corruption Behaviour in the Province of Bangka Belitung Islands
The purpose of current study was to analyze the relationship between religion and ccorruption behavior. Corruption was a major problem that constantly being a disease to the third world country,Expand
The Epistemology of Al-Ghazali’S Thought on Khabar Mutawatir And Khabar Ahad
Some scholars regarded al-Ghazali as not a well-known expert of the hadith. They even stated that the weakness of al-Ghazali lies in the science of hadith. This article aims to refute those opinionsExpand