Allyson M. Hoss

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Numerous challenges currently face digital forensic analysis. Although a variety of techniques and tools exist to assist with the analysis of digital evidence, they inadequately address key problems. We consider the applicability and usefulness of weaving ontologies to address some of these problems. We introduce an ontological approach leading to future(More)
Stimulation of mouse macrophages with Newcastle disease virus (NDV) leads to a rapid and high interferon (IFN) response. The magnitude of this response is influenced by the mouse genotype. We have analysed NDV-induced IFN production at the protein and mRNA levels in two different populations of macrophages derived from 'high producer' C57BL/6 and 'low(More)
Xanthate compounds have been shown to exhibit antiviral activity against various DNA and RNA viruses under acidic pH conditions. It is now possible to utilize the unique broad range antiviral spectrum of these compounds under physiological pH conditions (pH 7.4) by simultaneous administration of certain ionic detergents. When used in conjunction with(More)
ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS My grandfather once told me that I didn't have to go to school to be successful. The only key to success was doing what I loved. This work is the product of doing what I love and I dedicate it the memory of my grandfathers. To the memory of Joseph H. Burris and Harvell " Mutt " Pierce. One thing my grandfather didn't mention is the help I(More)
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