Allyson Kelley

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The aim of this study was to understand adolescent mothers' childbirth experiences. Semistructured interviews were conducted with participants recruited from a community-based program for adolescent mothers. Fourteen mothers described their birth experiences. Using a narrative analytic approach, responses were reconstructed into birth stories. Stories,(More)
Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) files for the years 1981-1984 were examined for rollover crash involvement of 15 utility and passenger vehicle make-models for which static stability values (1/2 track width divided by height of center of gravity) were published. The values ranged from highs of 1.57-1.62 for the pre-1979 Ford LTD, the pre-1979(More)
Nonpsychiatrist physicians were surveyed regarding problems that they had experienced when seeking a psychiatric consultation or treatment referral. They gave three main reasons for not referring more patients to psychiatrists: a belief that other mental health professionals could do as well at less cost, that psychiatrists were less available to discuss(More)
Strength-based approaches that explore resilience and health among Native communities are needed. This report highlights the results from a sources of strength inventory reported over a 2-year period by participants (N = 48) from a Montana tribe who attended cultural camps. The authors found the sources of strength scale to be a reliable and valid measure(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare American-Indian and Caucasian mortality rates from diabetes among tribal Contract Health Service Delivery Areas (CHSDAs) in the Great Plains Region (GPR) and describe the disparities observed. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS Mortality data from the National Center for Vital Statistics and Seer*STAT were used to identify diabetes as the(More)
Institutional review boards (IRBs) function to regulate research for the protection of human participants. We share lessons learned from the development of an intertribal IRB in the Rocky Mountain/Great Plains Tribal region of the United States. We describe the process through which a consortium of Tribes collaboratively developed an intertribal board to(More)