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Loudness perception and speech intensity control in Parkinson's disease.
The results support a speech loudness perception deficit in PD involving an abnormal perception of externally generated and self-generated speech intensity. Expand
Conversational speech intensity under different noise conditions in hypophonia and parkinson's disease
The three types of background noise on conversational speech intensity in individuals with hyperphonia and Parkinson's Diseases (PD), are discussed. Researces on PD subjects show that a LombardExpand
Application of the ICF in reduced speech intelligibility in dysarthria.
Regardless of the underlying neuromotor impairment, an almost universal consequence of dysarthria is a reduction in speech intelligibility. The purpose of this article is to examine critically and toExpand
Effects of multi-talker background noise on the intensity of spoken sentences in parkinson's disease
It was found that subjects with PD show a systematic increase in speech intensity across increases in background noise. Expand
Effect of concurrent walking and interlocutor distance on conversational speech intensity and rate in Parkinson's disease.
It is indicated that concurrent walking tasks and the speed of concurrent walking can have a significant positive effect on conversational speech intensity and speech rate in individuals with hypophonia related to idiopathic Parkinson's disease. Expand