Allyson Coelho Ribeiro

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OBJECTIVE The association of infections such as periodontitis with atherosclerotic diseases is well documented. In spite of the high diversity of the human oral microbiota, and its close contact with the circulatory system, few oral species were detected in atherosclerotic plaques. Thus, we attempted to evaluate the microbial diversity of atherosclerotic(More)
Archaea present distinct features from bacteria and eukaryotes, and thus constitute one of the branches of the phylogenetic tree of life. Members of this domain colonize distinct niches in the human body, arranged in complex communities, especially in the intestines and the oral cavity. The diversity of archaea within these niches is limited to a few(More)
Bath-related headache (BRH) is a rare headache disorder described initially by Negoro et al. It is characterized by developing while the patient is bathing in hot water or immersion in a hot bath. We report a case a 63-year-old Brazilian woman who presented several episodes of intense throbbing headache that developed during a hot shower. Neurological(More)
Background: Chikungunya is an infection caused by an RNA-virus and transmitted from primates to humans by Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes. Usually, it causes fever, widespread exanthema, myalgia and severe diffuse joints pain but may present several complications, such as neurological manifestations. Case presentation: We describe a case of a(More)
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