Allyn Kerchner

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Primordial germ cells (PGCs) are the precursors of sperm and eggs. In most animals, segregation of the germ line from the somatic lineages is one of the earliest events in development; in avian embryos, PGCs are first identified in an extra-embryonic region, the germinal crescent, after approximately 18 h of incubation. After 50-55 h of development, PGCs(More)
Male and female embryonic stem (ES) cell lines were derived from the area pellucidae of Stage X (EG&K) chicken embryos. These ES cell lines were grown in culture for extended periods of time and the majority of the cells retained a diploid karyotype. When reintroduced into Stage VI-X (EG&K) recipient embryos, the cES cells were able to contribute to all(More)
The tubular gland of the chicken oviduct is an attractive system for protein expression as large quantities of proteins are deposited in the egg, the production of eggs is easily scalable and good manufacturing practices for therapeutics from eggs have been established. Here we examined the ability of upstream and downstream DNA sequences of ovalbumin, a(More)
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