Allyce Sullivan

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Experimental measurements and analysis of the flight of bats are presented, including kinematic analysis of high-speed stereo videography of straight and turning flight, and measurements of the wake velocity field behind the bat. The kinematic data reveal that, at relatively slow flight speeds, wing motion is quite complex, including a sharp retraction of(More)
We measure the spectral phase of femtosecond optical pulses using a time-frequency analog of Young's doubleslit interference. A pair of narrow slits in an opaque sheet selects two spectral frequencies from the femtosecond pulse spectrum in a zero-dispersion pulse stretcher. Measurement of the temporal phase of a family of beat frequencies obtained over a(More)
We have demonstrated efficient conversion of ultrashort-pulse laser energy to x rays with energies above 1 keV, using laser-produced plasmas generated on a variety of microstructured surfaces. Lithographically produced grating targets generated 0.1 mJ of kilo-electron-volt x rays, and porous gold and aluminum targets emitted 1 mJ. This represents an(More)
We have investigated the propagation of terawatt-power laser pulses in gases. The spatial distribution of focused radiation is modified by refraction that results from the spatially inhomogeneous refractive index of the plasma generated by high field ionization. We observe Thomson scattering, stimulated Raman scattering, and large wavelength shifting of the(More)
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