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The vegetation and physical and chemical characteristics of the water and sediment in ten temporary pools submitted to various anthropogenic disturbance were studied in Morocco over two hydrological cycles (1997-1998 and 1998-1999). Results of multivariate and parametric analyses show that disturbance has a significant impact on water and sediment.(More)
The study is based on experimental work conducted in alpine snow. We made microwave radiometric and near-infrared reflectance measurements of snow slabs under different experimental conditions. We used an empirical relation to link near-infrared reflectance of snow to the specific surface area (SSA), and converted the SSA into the correlation length. From(More)
—A microwave radiance assimilation (RA) scheme for the retrieval of snow physical state variables requires a snow-pack physical model (SM) coupled to a radiative transfer model. In order to assimilate microwave brightness temperatures (Tbs) at horizontal polarization (h-pol), an SM capable of resolving melt–refreeze crusts is required. To date, it has not(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this work was to study the prevalence of skin diseases among inmates in Lomé (Togo) and its relation to their HIV status. PATIENTS AND METHODS This cross-sectional descriptive study took place from November 14 to December 5, 2011, in the civil prison of Lomé and included prisoners who agreed to have an HIV screening test. RESULTS In(More)
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