Allison Williams

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BACKGROUND Although Xenopus laevis has been a model of choice for comparative and developmental studies of the immune system, little is known about organogenesis of the thymus, a primary lymphoid organ in vertebrates. Here we examined the expression of three transcription factors that have been functionally associated with pharyngeal gland development,(More)
This paper describes a research study undertaken by the first author, which explored and analysed registered nurses' experiences of mentoring undergraduate nursing students within a single health authority in England. The study design was qualitative and data were collected through semi-structured interviews with 12 mentors. The findings of the study(More)
AIM This paper is a report of a literature review to identify research involving interventions to improve medication adherence in people with multiple co-existing chronic conditions. Title. Interventions to improve medication adherence in people with multiple chronic conditions: a systematic review. Background. The importance of managing co-existing,(More)
An intervention study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of a nurse-led eczema workshop in reducing the severity of atopic eczema in infants, children and adolescents. Ninety-nine new patients referred to the Dermatology Department of The Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, Australia, for the management of atopic eczema were randomized to receive(More)
AIMS AND OBJECTIVES To conduct an in-depth qualitative examination of the experiences of Singaporean people caring for those with Parkinson's disease (PD). BACKGROUND The need to provide care for people with PD will increase with the extended life expectancy of Singaporeans. Caring for people with PD in their own homes for as long as possible is argued to(More)
BACKGROUND Individuals are adherent to approximately 50% of their prescribed medications, which decreases when multiple, chronic conditions are involved. OBJECTIVE To examine factors affecting adherence to multiple prescribed medications for consumers with co-existing diabetes and chronic kidney disease (diabetic kidney disease) from the time of(More)
AIMS The aim of this study was to test the feasibility and impact of an intervention consisting of self-monitored blood pressure, medicine review, a Digital Versatile Disc, and motivational interviewing telephone calls to help people with diabetes and kidney disease improve their blood pressure control and adherence to prescribed medications. BACKGROUND(More)
BACKGROUND Advances in medical science and improved lifestyles have reduced mortality rates in Australia and most Western countries. As a result, there is an ageing population with a concomitant growth in the number of people living with chronic illnesses. Indeed, a significant number of people will experience multiple chronic illnesses (comorbidities) and(More)
Research supports the efficacy of both cognitive dissonance (CD) and healthy weight (HW) eating disorders prevention, and indicates that CD can be delivered by peer-facilitators, which facilitates dissemination. This study investigated if peer-facilitators can deliver HW when it is modified for their use and extended follow-up of peer-facilitated CD as(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine which aspects of open disclosure "work" for patients and health care staff, based on an evaluation of the National Open Disclosure Pilot. DESIGN, SETTING AND PARTICIPANTS Qualitative analysis of semi-structured and open-ended interviews conducted between March and October 2007 with 131 clinical staff and 23 patients and family(More)