Allison W. Dobson

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In rat cultured pulmonary arterial (PA), microvascular, and venous endothelial cells (ECs), the rate of mitochondrial (mt) DNA repair is predictive of the severity of xanthine oxidase (XO)-induced mtDNA damage and the sensitivity to XO-mediated cell death. To examine the importance of mtDNA damage and repair more directly, we determined the impact of(More)
The mitochondrial genome represents a target for exogenous and endogenous damage. Its necessity for successful electron transport makes its repair valuable to the cell. Previous work from our lab has shown that mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) can be repaired in mammalian cells, and the use of mitochondrial-targeted repair proteins can augment repair to enhance(More)
The chicken progesterone receptor A (PRA) was expressed from cDNA by in vitro transcription and translation and also by transient transfection of receptor-negative COS M6 cells. These receptors synthesized from cDNA exhibited functional properties similar to those of oviduct PRA. The ability of PRA to form an 8S complex and to bind to DNA was studied. PRA,(More)
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