Allison R Barker

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Sacral and trochanteric pressure sores in patients with plegias, and foot ulceration in patients with diabetic neuropathy, are similar because these wounds occur in tissues that do not have normal innervation. While it is recognized that insensitive tissue increases the likelihood of ulceration and recurrence of ulceration, this review attempts to answer(More)
BACKGROUND Pressure in the tarsal tunnel has been shown to be elevated when the ankle is pronated. We hypothesized that this also would be true for the medial plantar and lateral plantar tunnels because they also are potential sites of nerve compression. Additionally, we hypothesized that decompression surgery, including a release of the superficial and(More)
Revision tarsal tunnel surgery was performed on 44 patients (two bilaterally). The surgical procedure included a neurolysis of the tibial nerve in the tarsal tunnel, the medial plantar, lateral plantar, and calcaneal nerves in their respective tunnels, excision of the intertunnel septum, and neuroma resection as indicated. A painful tarsal tunnel scar or(More)
BACKGROUND In July 2005, a learning community was created at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (JHUSOM) to foster camaraderie, networking, advising, mentoring, professionalism, clinical skills, and scholarship--The Colleges. The cultural and structural changes that emerged with the creation of this program have resulted in JHUSOM bearing a(More)
A case of adult-onset mastocytosis is presented to illustrate the classification, signs, symptoms, workup, treatment, and prognosis for this unusual condition. Although there is no cure for mastocytosis, symptoms of histamine release can be minimized with oral antihistamines. Ongoing surveillance of organ systems affected remains important. Our patient's(More)
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