Allison McIntyre

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This study examined the co-occurrence of risky driving with a range of externalising and internalising problems among 1055 young Australian drivers participating in an ongoing, 23-year longitudinal study. This issue was examined by: (1) investigating the co-occurrence of risky driving and other problem outcomes at 19-20 years; (2) exploring the rate of(More)
Young drivers are significantly over-represented among those injured or killed in road traffic accidents. Young adults' greater tendency to engage in risky driving behaviours has been implicated in their high crash involvement rate. While considerable research has examined the driving patterns of young adults and situational factors associated with their(More)
Objective. The current study attempted to identify and characterize distinct CP subgroups based on their level of dispositional personality traits. The secondary objective was to compare the difference among the subgroups in mood, coping, and disability. Methods. Individuals with chronic pain were assessed for demographic, psychosocial, and personality(More)
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